Black bird’s nest sold to Singapore as new export product

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Black bird’s nest sold to Singapore as new export product

Myanmar started exporting black bird’s nests produced from Myeik and Kawthoung areas to Singapore on a trial basis, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

As a valuable product, bird’s nest is commonly produced in Taninthayi Region in Myanmar. There are two kinds of bird’s nest—white bird’s nest and black bird’s nest. The black bird’s nest is bigger than that of white one in size and sellers usually get a good price for the product.

Beginning this February, 388 kilos of black bird’s nest worth US$182,360 were shipped to Singapore as a new export product. In the international market, a kilo of black bird’s nest is worth at $470 per kilo.

Exporters expect that bird’s nest market will boom in the future if it gets more market shares in export market.

Earlier, authorities grant one-year licence to operators to carry out bird’s nest production. The authorities started allowing a three-year licence to operators starting the 2018-25019 Fiscal Year that aims to force operators carefully maintain the islands where they produce bird’s nests on a commercial scale.

There are 32 islands producing bird’s nests in Taninthayi Region, in which Mali Island produces the vast majority of bird’s nest.