Emerald Green项目贷款为畜牧业提供了动力

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Emerald Green project loans provide fillip to livestock sector

Loans granted under the Emerald Green project to breeders have helped boost the livestock sector this year, according to Daw Khin Soe Win, the head of the Chaung-U Township Rural Development Department.

After receiving the loans, farmers engaged in the livestock and agriculture sector at 27 villages in ChaungU Township of Sagaing Region have carried out livestock farming in 24 units.

Since the 2014-2015FY, a total of 1,124 local breeders have raised livestock at a cost of K273 million, and the livestock sector has seen success this year, she said.

“Although the Emerald Green project loans provided in the livestock sector are less than those provided in the agricultural sector, the loans have boosted the future business prospects of local breeders. Local breeders who have received the loans are enjoying the benefits of raising livestock. Some of the breeders have a thousand sheep and goats. Over time, local breeders will enjoy greater benefits,” said Daw Khin Soe Win.

In ChaungU Township, Emerald Green project loans amounting to over K27 million were provided to 78 local farmers in the 2014-2015FY, over K124 million to 562 local farmers in the 2015-2016FY, over K61 million to 205 local farmers in the 2016-2017FY, over K47 million to 230 local farmers in the 2017-2018FY, and over K11 million to 49 local farmers in the 2018-2019 FY. The local farmers are breeding sheep, goats, pigs, and local bulls.