Additional 1,000MW of power by next year: President

Additional 1,000MW of power by next year: President

Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) estimates that another 1,000 MW of power for the country will be generated by the middle of next year.

This was announced during a ceremony attended by President U Win Myint to mark the achievement of 50 percent nationwide electrification on December 13.

Nationwide electrification stood at only 34 percent in 2016 when the NLD government came to power. Since then, the reformation of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy and a focus on increasing electricity generation through hydropower, natural gas, and solar power, and expanding distribution has paid off, U Win Myint during his speech at the event.

As of this month, electrification has reached 50 percent of the nation and some 350 towns and over 16,000 villages are linked to the national grid, he said.

According to the statement from the MOEE, the government has invested a total of K2.3 billion in the electricity sector since 2016 and the results show that an additional 900MW of electricity is being generated by three hydropower stations, six thermal stations, and one solar generator. The ministry estimates that the power generation will climb to 1,000MW by the middle of next year.

The government has laid down both short-term and long-term plans policies, strategies and plans for the sustainable development of electricity and energy, which have been increasing from year to year alongside the development of the economy, said U Win Myint,.

At present, the demand for power supply in Myanmar has been rising and estimated 15 percent a year. Naturally, the state has been making efforts to meet the goal of providing sufficient power. In allocating the budget for the expenditures of the state, electricity has been prioritised, U Win Myint, said.

Recently, the Myanmar Investment Commission approved a joint venture between China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC) and VPower Group of Hong Kong for two LNG power plant projects capable of generating a total of 550MW.

The projects involve a 400 MW LNG power plant in Yangon Region worth US$360 million and a 150 MW LNG power plant in Rakhine State worth US$140 million.

The MOEE aims for nationwide electrification to hit 55 percent in 2021-2022, 75 percent in 2025-2026, and 100 percent in 2030.

From: Myanmar Times