People’s Party seeks to form alliance with ethnic parties

People’s Party seeks to form alliance with ethnic parties

The People’s Party seeks to ally itself with ethnic political parties in the 2020 elections, said party chair U Ko Ko Gyi.

“We want ethnic parties to be stronger in their areas,” he said. “It is important for both the attainment of peace and the establishment of a federal democratic union that we negotiate policy issues with ethnic political parties.”

He said once common ground is reached on policies, discussions for cooperation in next year’s elections will follow. He said the talks are still in the exploratory stage.

However, he admitted that ethnic parties have already made plans for next year’s polls so it is hard to predict the outcome of the talks between the People’s Party and ethnic parties.

Every party has its own goals and objectives, so it is important to find common ground where they can cooperate between 2020 and 2025, the former leader of the 1988 student uprising said.

He added that the party has branches across the country and is expanding its membership and network in preparation for next year’s polls.

The party would soon announce the qualifications it will look for in its candidates.

U Ko Ko Gyi and other leaders of the so-called 8888 student uprising formed the People’s Party in August 2018.

The 8888 uprising was a series of nationwide protests across the country that peaked on August 8, 1988, triggering a massive military crackdown that lasted for months and is believed to have killed thousands of people and resulted in the arrests of thousands more.